What Will Happen to Coaches in an AI-powered world? šŸŖ

Hi, I'm Zia.

I help people find meaning in the midst of change.

What you're in for

šŸš€ What I learned trying to get ChatGPT to coach me

šŸš€ Why You Need to Understand Algorithms

šŸš€ How AI makes coaching more valuable than ever before

What is generative AI?

Here's what I mean...


Iterative Prompting

Giving feedback to the AI to refine its output, having a little back and forth convo.

GPT: What's your takeaway from today?

Me: That AI is going to replace coaches??

GPT: Don't worry.

Human coaches can't be replaced by computers.

ChatGPT, write a poem like Ada Limon...

I felt nothing.

"Not very creative."

AI is algorithmic.

Algorithm: a set of instructions

"If the client uses sad words, show concern, and offer them a tissue."

"If they use happy words, ask them how they would like to celerate."

Coaching is creative

Creativity: something new and useful in a sociocultural context (Plucker, et al., 2016)

AI can create, but it is not creative. It has no context unless humans provide it.

When you feel pain, I feel it, too.

Humans learn through experience; AI learns through text.

Empathy is the ability to accurately perceive others internal states and to have affective responses to them (Fuchsman, 2015).

Intuition: a sense of knowing without knowing how one knows.

"The energy in the room just changed. What do you make of that?"

"What you just said resonated so deeply with me. What's true for you?"

Only humans can know without knowing.

What will shift in an AI-powered world?

  • Customer service
  • Some forms of music/film
  • Books
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Legal services
  • etc.

What will we crave?

  • Outside-the-box thinking. AI is literally inside the box.
  • Moral and ethical reasoning; computers don't have core values.
  • Emotional intelligence: we learn through experience
  • Embracing vulnerability and incompetence
  • Creating and guiding communities
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Using somatic (body) information
  • Genuine human warmth
  • Personal connection

This is what we help people do.

We are the future.

Time to be more human than you've ever been before.

Use AI for procedural, algorithmic tasks...

Use human coaching to connect with your client on a level unmatched by AI.


The Magic is YOU šŸŖ„

The Magic Is You


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