How to Coach a Human with AI 🧞‍♂️

What you're in for

🚀 Why my client cried tears of joy when I used AI

🚀 The basics of prompt engineering

🚀 How to create an AI toolset to augment your workflow

🚀 How to treat AI like your intern

Let's engineer a prompt

Objective: get AI to tell you about your core values without telling it any of your values.

Hint: if you're not sure how to this, ask ChatGPT.

Zia's technique for Core Values

"GPT, ask me at least 3 clarifying questions before moving on."


When AI makes up information; use your human brain

That time AI made my wife cry 😢

I help non-profit organizations create impactful public policy changes by leveraging my strategic thinking and strong work ethic, along with my ability to build and maintain strong relationships. I do it because I believe in the power of empathy-led advocacy to bring about meaningful change for those in need.

Awareness of resonance

AI is generative. Ask your client what resonates.

Examples of Coaching Prompts

Let's use AI like an intern

Pick a task (make sure to iterate)

  1. Get AI to figure out your niche (who you serve and how you serve them).
  2. Get AI to generate a list of progressive accountabilities (atomic habits) to move toward their goal.
  3. Get AI to write a business plan.

Creating custom GPTs

Let's use GPT like a document loader

Create your own toolset