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AI has been around forever. What's new?


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  • PhD student at JHU
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I help people find meaning in the midst of change.

What you're in for 👨‍🍳

  • Why AI is less intelligent than a toddler
  • How AI can be used for all the tasks you despise
  • How AI can accelerate learning
  • How to use AI to learn about customer needs and wants
  • How to mine data to understand trends

What is generative AI?

Roshi will grow out of it, Gen AI will not 👶

Iterative Prompting

Giving feedback to the AI to refine its output, having a little back and forth convo.


When AI makes up information; use your human brain

Prompt Engineering

Optimizing how you prompt AI so that it gives you the desired output.

Writing a concise email 📭


🗣️ Turn and Talk: What are other mundane tasks you could use AI to enhance?

How to talk to a PDF

🗣️ Turn and Talk: What PDFs could you analyze with AI at your job?

Let's develop personas


Social Media tricks 🪄

🗣️ Turn and Talk: What demographics and groups do you want to deeply understand?

Let's mine some data ⛏️

🗣️ Turn and Talk: What are other datasets you would like to mine for insight?

Let's reshape our department

🗣️ Turn and Talk: What are other ways that we could use generative AI to speed up our workflow?

A kid crashing their bike 🚵‍♀️

Lean into being more human than you've ever been before ✨

The magic is in YOU 🧙‍♂️

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