AI: The Asteroid ☄️

Practical applications and theoretical implications of AI in Education

Professor Zia Hassan 👋

AI has been around forever. What's new?

"You can't google these answers!" 🤦‍♂️

ChatGPT, did you write this? 🤔

Yes, it is highly likely that this was written by an AI.

What's your rationale?

It has complete sentences, proper grammar, and correct spelling. It is clear and concise.

Four score and seven years ago... ⚡

It is highly likely that this was written by an AI.

The essay is dead. RIP, essay. ✍️

No one knows what to do. Time to experiment. 🥼


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A quick note about the modern student

What is generative AI?

Roshi will grow out of it, Gen AI will not

Here's what I mean...

A central reason why students take shortcuts

We've been treating education like a game when it's really more of a puzzle.

How will you motivate students beyond grades?


  1. No more grades; only feedback (Alfie Kohn)
  2. Infinite redos (Carol Dweck)

Change how YOU see your students...

Change how your students see themselves

(Carl Rogers)

Student Feedback

"I feel like I stress too much over grades"

"I wasn't judged on a single event, but an ever-growing process of learning; It felt like I was in more control of my education."

"Letter grades. Some students feel that their worth as a human being is affected by them."

"This could be the future of learning."

"Really wants you to learn by doing."

I enjoyed receiving feedback on what I could improve"

"Allows me to make mistakes without worrying"

What's happening at the student level?

GPT can see the connections you missed (equity)

(Howard Gardiner, Lev Vygotsky)

Empower students with skills that set them apart

Things to teach

AI to help generate outlines for papers

  • Re-wording for clarity
  • Feedback and critique based on rubric expectations
  • Creating to-do lists and hyperschedules
  • Delegate, don't substitute

How can AI be used in the research process?

I thought Education was about getting the right answer...

Things to teach

  • The art of asking a probing question
  • Providing time for reflection and synthesis
  • Human-to-human

Speed up lesson plan generation

Create rubrics, handouts, worksheets, and more...

less burnout, more 🔥

Bloom's is a good start...

And, now what do we teach?

Let's teach...

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving 💡

Creativity/Innovation 🖌️

Social-Emotional Intelligence 😄

Cultural Understanding 🚩

Ethics ✋

Physical & Mental Wellbeing 🏃‍♂️

Hands-on experiences 🤾‍♂️

Coaching 🗣

Collaborating 👯‍♀️

Creativity is novelty AND usefulness (in socio-cultural context)

Jonathan Plucker

ChatGPT, write a poem like Ada Limon...

A kid crashing their bike 🚵‍♀️

Lean into being more human than you've ever been before ✨

The magic is in YOU 🧙‍♂️

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